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The Ultimate Guide to Signet Rings

The Ultimate Guide to Signet Rings

For jewelry lovers, having the perfect ring stack is like art. Creating a perfectly balanced look of dainty diamond rings, along with bold stacking rings, and maybe even your wedding ring. Either way, you should always take pride in your ring stack and show it off to everyone. 

With signet rings quickly growing in popularity, you may be considering adding this signature ring to your stack. If you’re unsure, here’s everything you need to know about signet rings.

What is a Signet Ring

In the past, the Signet Ring was only worn by men and was one of the most valuable items they could own. It was used as the original ‘signature’ when signing important documents or making a deal.

When not worn, the signet ring was only worn on special occasions and otherwise kept locked up in a special place to keep it safe. These rings were known as the “gentleman’s ring” and were most commonly stamped with a family crest of personal signature. 

Today, Signet Rings are seen as highly fashionable and used to express style, fashion and personality. 

Dainty Diamond’s Signet Rings are both fashionable and unique. We offer custom complimentary engravings to bring the past rituals of signet rings to life modernly. 

Women and men alike wear different styles of the Signet Ring with their specific designs or initials. 

Types of Signet Rings

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Mini Oval Signet Ring

Our mini oval signet ring is a modern twist to the classic signet, and it was of our best-selling dainty diamond rings. Its simple and delicate look is perfect for everyday wear and adds an elegant touch to your everyday stack.

The Round Signet Ring

The round dainty diamond signet ring is a fan favourite for its slim, comfortable fit and round top with just enough space for an initial or two. 

The Classic Signet Ring

A dainty take to a traditional ring, or what we like to call the “new initial ring.” This ring was made to imitate the classic gentleman’s ring to be passed on from generation to generation. Add your initial, or someone you love, or even a family crest and wear it for years to come.

But Which Finger Should I Wear My Signet Ring On?

Traditionally, the signet ring was worn on the pinkie finger of one’s non-dominant hand.

For example, if you are left-handed, you would wear your dainty diamond signet ring on the pinkie of your right hand and opposite if you are right-handed. 

Signet Ring etiquette differs from country to country. In France, it is more often worn on the left hand’s pointer finger, but it’s worn on the right hand’s pointer finger in Switzerland.

And in the Middle East, they wear it on their middle finger or thumb, while others might stack it with their wedding ring. 

When it comes down to it, though, the finger you wear it on is based on personal preference, and there is no wrong answer. WIth our dainty diamond signet rings, people often wear our mini oval signet ring on their pinky finger.

But they’ll wear the classic on their pointer and the round somewhere in the middle.

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Dainty Diamond Signet Rings 

Whether you're looking for a bold or dainty look, Dainty Diamond has it all. From dainty diamond rings, to stacking necklaces and everything in between. 

Shop our dainty diamond signet rings online today.

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