Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Dainty Diamond began as a dream that quickly became a reality. 

Hi, I'm Jess, one of the co-founders of Dainty Diamond. Dainty Diamond's jewellery story dates back to 30 years ago when my father entered the jewellery business. With a love and passion for high-quality jewellery, he worked his booth (The Diamond Showcase) at the 400 Market (off of Highway 400, in Innisfil, Ontario) every Saturday and Sunday for as long as I could remember. Although being quite young, I was always enamoured by the beautiful pieces of jewellery glistening inside the bright showcases.

Fast forward 20 years later, where my dad consistently asked any one of his four children to join him in the jewellery business. As the determined young woman I am, I said no and decided I wanted to finish my master’s degree and get started on my own career path. In 2019, I graduated from Western University with a Master’s of Media in Journalism and Communication. After studying and working in different jobs in the media industry for over two years, something didn’t feel right and I was ready to find a career that I was actually passionate and excited about. 

As a millennial, I understand the struggle of finding high-quality, gold and silver jewellery at an affordable price.

In September of 2020, a friend asked me if my dad could get her a gold necklace. Still being in the jewellery business and in touch with many suppliers across the city, sourcing this necklace was no problem despite it not being part of his current collection.

In just two short days following that conversation, Dainty Diamond was born. What started as a platform to engage with friends and family and help them find the perfect earrings, necklace or any piece of jewellery they were looking for, quickly grew into a space to share these high-quality pieces with others. 

Dainty Diamond Was Born

With a passion for both jewellery and women’s empowerment, we are on a mission to help women look and feel their best every damn day. And what empowers women more than a great pair of earrings, their favourite necklace, or a special ring. 

With the help of my brother, Aaron, and my Dad, Norman, we bring you Dainty Diamond: gold and silver jewellery for every day, forever & more. Dainty Diamond is a family-run business founded on trust, love, and 30+ years of passion for high-quality, fine jewellery. From meticulously picking out the pieces we sell to creating the brand to digital marketing, fulfilling your order and everything in between - we do it all and we love what we do.

Thank you so much for visiting our site. We can't wait to help you find your perfect piece. As a wise woman once said: "You can never have too much jewellery".