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Dainty Diaries


Female Founded: Liv Mcilkenny

September 13, 2021
What started as a passion for staying active, to an obsession with Soul Cycle, to a love of people moving together as a group is what inspired and lead Liv to what Liv Sweaty is today.
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Gold Hoops Everyone Needs in Their Collection

August 09, 2021
Gold hoops are trending. Whether it’s small bold hoops to wear every day, larger gold hoops for going out, or mini bold hoops as a huggie in your second or third hole piercings. Either way, gold ho...
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4 Jewelry Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

July 27, 2021
Everyone knows when you come across a life-changing hack it’s something you end up doing/using every day. But what if you had those same life hacks with your jewelry? Dainty gold chains can get tan...
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Female Founded: Sydney & Ashley Bly

June 29, 2021
Twin sisters, Sydney and Ashley Bly, noticed something was missing from their Muskoka cottage town. Instead of driving over 30 minutes to find it, they decided to create it. 
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Female Founded: Jenna Labiak

May 17, 2021
Two years ago, Jenna had been searching for the perfect silk hair care products that were both trendy and good for your hair. Everything she was seeing was either extremely elegant or neutral and w...
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