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How to Build The Perfect Jewelry Stack

How to Build The Perfect Jewelry Stack

Everyone knows building the pefect jewelry stack has become a staple way to elevate one’s outfit. Whether it’s a gold ring stack, a gold necklace stack or a variety of different solid gold jewelry pieces stacked, there’s an unspoken art to creating the perfect stack. Nothing completes a look more than the ideal jewelry pieces. So how do you make the perfect balance to elevate a simple outfit or complement an exquisite one? We’re here to help. 

The Key Ingredients

The key to any jewelry stack comes from your core collection. To start, we always recommend a stack that begins with your everyday basics. Whether that means a simple solid gold band ring, a dainty gold chain, or a pair of bold gold hoops. Your core pieces are the ones you love and wear every day, so it only makes sense to start your stack with those pieces. 

Necklace Staples: Dainty Diamond Necklace, Singapore Chain, Round Cubic Pendant, Initial Necklace

Ring Staples: Minimal Band Ring, Emerald Twist Ring, Round Signet Ring, Chain Link Ring

Earring Staples: Small Bold Hoops, Midi Hoops, Medium Dainty Hoops, Diamond Studs, Oval Huggies

Bracelet Staples: Figaro Bracelet, Initial Bracelet, Rope Bracelet

The Perfect Balanced Stack

Next is all about creating the perfect balance. Don’t try to put all your favourite pieces on at once and call it a day. Stacking is an art and should be thought out properly. A healthy balance of both bold, statement and dainty pieces is the trick. 

Necklace Stack: Pearl Necklace, Rope Necklace, Rolo Chain

Ring Stack: Round Bubble Ring, Bubble Ring

Ear Stack: Medium Bold Hoops, Starry Huggies, Bolt Stud

Bracelet Stack: Dew Drop Bracelet, White Gold Singapore Bracelet

The Bold Stack

It’s time to make a statement with a bold stack. Despite it being called “the bold stack,” we still like to include some dainty favourites as that’s best for stacking. The key is the waterfall effect, where you start with your most bold and slowly make your way to a less bold, daintier piece.

Necklace Stack: Herringbone Chain, Diamond Baguette Necklace and Bold Anchor Chain

Ring Stack: Bubble Ring, Infinity Ring and Classic Signet Ring 

Ear Stack: Medium Bold Hoops, Small Bold Hoops, Mini Bold Hoops

Bracelet Stack: Rope Bracelet, Initial Bracelet

The Minimalist Stack

Stacking doesn’t mean an overload of jewelry pieces. In fact, in most cases, less is more! If you resonate with a more minimalist vibe, combining various dainty pieces can help create an effortless minimalist stack. Start this look off with a pendant or a low-key statement ring paired with other dainty pieces. 

Necklace Stack: Singapore Chain and Satellite Chain

Ring Stack: Minimal Band Ring, Mini Signet Ring, Coin Edged Ring

Ear Stack: Medium Dainty Hoops, Mini Dainty Huggies

Bracelet Stack: Singapore Bracelet, Lilac Bracelet

The Mixed Metal Stack

Mixing metals was once frowned upon, but it’s making a comeback. For starters, yellow gold engagement rings are in, and if that doesn’t show you the trends emerging, then I don’t know what will—the daintier, the better when it comes to mixing metals. 

Necklace Stack: Dainty Box Chain in White Gold, Dainty Box Chain in Yellow Gold

Ring Stack: Emerald Cut Twist Ring, Bubble Ring, Signet Ring

Ear Stack: Oval Huggies, Diamond Studs

Bracelet Stack: Bold Anchor Chain Silver, Flat Circle Bracelet

At Dainty Diamond, we are here to help you create your perfect stack. Looking and feeling your best starts right here! Whether you’re going for a bold stack, a minimal stack or a mixed metal stack, at the end of the day, the choice is yours, and there’s never a wrong one. Need more help? Don’t hesitate to contact one of our gold specialists to help you find your forever pieces.

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