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Quiz Time: What Kind of Jewelry Should I Buy for Mother's Day?

Quiz Time: What Kind of Jewelry Should I Buy for Mother's Day?

Mother’s Day is May 9th, and we want to help you honour your mother in the best way we know how, with jewelry of course. If you’re looking for a dainty diamond necklace, bracelet or maybe earrings but not sure which piece is right for your mom, we're here to help.

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What kind of jewelry should I buy for mom?

Choose the best possible answer you think is most accurate for your mom to determine whether you need to buy her a dainty diamond necklace, bracelet or earrings.

What is your mom’s ideal weekend?

  1. Cooking for the family
  2. Some form adventure like a hike or getaway
  3. Running errands and doing some shopping

During the week, you can find your mom:

  1. At the grocery store, post office or driving you and your siblings around the city
  2. Doing a little bit of this and that, always makes time for her exercise class
  3. Working full time - she’s devoted to her career

Your mom is:

  1. All about the family, and loves hosting extended family
  2. Active and loves her matching workout sets
  3. Trendy and loves to share clothes with you

What’s in your mom’s jewelry box?

  1. She has jewelry from years ago and is always adding to her collection
  2. She has a few basics, including her wedding ring and that’s it
  3. She has costume jewelry that’s funky and fresh

What kind of jewelry should I buy for mom?

Mostly 1's

If you got mostly 1’s your mom is family-oriented and will never turn down an opportunity to cook a large meal and gather everyone together. She loves to be hands-on. Whether that means with her cooking, with you and your siblings or simply running your household. 

We recommend buying your mom a pair of dainty diamond hoops that she’ll never have to, or want to take off. It’s perfect for her busy lifestyle, while also adding some flair to her everyday outfits. 

Mostly 2’s

If you got mostly 2’s, your mama leads an active and busy lifestyle. She loves to spend her free time at a good workout class, walking the dogs or exploring trails and hikes across the city. Not to mention, she will never pass up the opportunity for a weekend getaway when she’s not busy working.

We recommend buying this kind of mama a dainty diamond necklace. Our necklaces are super lightweight and delicate that she won’t even notice it’s there while exercising, that is, until she looks in the mirror and remembers how beautiful the piece is. 

Mostly 3’s

If you got mostly 3’s your mom is always on the go, and dedicated to her work. But, she still loves her free time. She’s up to date on all the fashion trends, and often spends her time shopping online or from your closet. 

We recommend buying this mama a trendy pearl necklace. She’ll love to wear this piece to work, or when she’s simply running errands. 

Celebrate Mother's Day With Dainty Diamond

Still don’t know what to get your mama? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at or send us a DM on instagram, for help finding the perfect dainty diamond necklace, rings or bracelet for your special mama. 

Ps. Use code "MAMA15" at checkout for 15% off your entire order.

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