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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry For Yourself

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry For Yourself

In the past, if you wanted a nice necklace or a good pair of dainty hoop earrings it was something you had to ask for or wait for your birthday to come around.

But in today’s day and age, it’s no longer acceptable to wait to get something you want. We’ve been raised in a generation of strong, independent women that go after what they want, including buying yourself those dainty hoop earrings you’ve been eyeing, or the sparkly diamond ring you can’t stop thinking about.

As a female-owned and run business, we’re here to tell you that buying yourself that necklace or earrings are not only acceptable but strongly encouraged. Not to mention, Dainty Diamond offers affordable and accessible pricing for all your jewelry needs.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons you SHOULD buy jewelry for yourself.

1. Shopping is highly related to a serotonin boost

online shopping

You know that feeling where you’ve had something in your online cart for a few days and then you finally hit the checkout button and you do a little happy dance while you patiently sit by the window hoping your order will come in that exact moment?

Well, that is what we like to call the shopping-serotonin boost. While most shopping aids to that boost, jewelry is only that much more exciting. A pair of dainty hoop earrings or bold hoop earrings is something you’ll get to wear every day, making the purchase more satisfying and rewarding.

2. It feels better when you’ve worked for it yourself

If you’ve been working or earning your own money for some time now, you know how much harder it is to spend your own money rather than your parents. While you might buy less when it comes from your pocket, you are sure to be pickier of what you’re buying. 

A pair of dainty hoop earrings or a gold chain are investment pieces. And if you’ve been thinking about them for a while we say just go for it. Knowing you worked hard to earn the money and pay for it yourself is much more rewarding than spending someone else’s money.

3. You know your style best

While receiving gifts is always a nice gesture, at the end of the day you know your style best. So buying jewelry for yourself allows you to pick out exactly what you want with no disappointments.

gold jewelry

4. It’s empowering

You no longer need a significant other or a birthday to get something you want. You also don’t need an engagement to buy yourself a diamond. 

Buying jewelry for yourself like a diamond ring, or dainty hoop earrings is not only fun, but it’s empowering and we think everyone should try it out.

5. You deserve nice things

When it comes down to it, we all deserve nice things. We think jewelry can help you look and feel your best every damn day, and you deserve to feel that way all the time. Buy yourself those earrings, wear them with pride because you’re amazing and you deserve it. 

Not sure what piece of jewelry to start with? Let us help! Contact us to book a one-on-one styling session with one of our associates.

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