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How to Honour Your Mother for Mother’s Day

How to Honour Your Mother for Mother’s Day

The bond we share with our mother is indescribable. They are the person that brought us into this world, the person to see us take our first steps, the person to change our diapers and so much more.

Our moms put our needs before their own and would do anything for us. Mother’s Day is a day created to honour, celebrate and show love for our mothers, our mother’s mother, and even soon-to-be mothers.

This year, Mother’s Day takes place on May 9th in Toronto, and we wanted to help by giving you a few ways to honour your mother this year. 

Buy Her Flowers


Sometimes the simplest gift of them all is flowers. And nothing says I love you more than a fresh bouquet of your mom’s favourite roses.

Write Her a Hand-Written Note

handwritten note

Expressing yourself vocally can be difficult, so why not try a hand-written note. This is a great way to put into words how truly thankful you are. 

Make a Video Montage 

Can’t put it into words? Try creating a video montage of your favourite pictures and videos from all your memories together. This is sure to make some happy tears. 

Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bed

If you still live at home with your mom, or even if you don’t, giving breakfast in bed is a great way to thank you for all the time she’s made you breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Pro-tip, you can order a meal on uber-eats straight to your parent’s house. 

Buy Her a Gift

If you’re the type of person that enjoys buying gifts on Mother’s Day, visit our Mother’s Day Gift Guide to find some of our favourite gifts picks for this year. Better late than never! And the gift of jewelry is always a good one.


Spend Quality Time Together

And best of all, spending quality time with your mom is the best way to honour her.

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