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Dainty Jewelry Everyone Needs in Their Collection

Dainty Jewelry Everyone Needs in Their Collection

When it comes to Dainty jewelry in Toronto, there is definitely no shortage. No matter what you’re doing, where you’re going or what you’re wearing, dainty jewelry always fits and can elevate or complement any outfit you’re wearing.

So you have your favourite pair of jeans, your best sweater and even your go-to sneakers, but what about your jewelry? Here are the dainty jewelry pieces everyone needs in their collection. 

Dainty Diamond Studs

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they’re not wrong. Diamond studs are the perfect earring to complete any dainty jewelry look. Whether it’s day time errands, or night time cocktails you can where them all the time with style and class.

dainty diamond studs

A Layering Necklace or Chain

The best part about layering necklaces or chains is that they are the perfect dainty jewelry pieces on its own, but they also look great stacked with other pieces. The key is to find one necklace or chain that you’re so obsessed with and goes with everything. 

layering chains

An Everyday Bracelet

When it comes to bracelets, we will always recommend a simple, dainty real gold bracelet. That’s because this isn’t the piece you want to take on and off every day, so it’s best it blends in and matches with everything else.

paperclip bracelet

Bold Hoops

We may be biased, but we think everyone needs a pair of bold hoops in their collection. Whether you want them mini, small, medium or large, they are bound to complete any look you put together.

bold hoops

Stacking Rings

Start with one or two and work your way up with our stacking rings. One by one they make your hands feel a little less naked, and it’s the perfect way to start off before building out the rest of your collection.  

stacking rings

For dainty jewelry that you need in your collection, it’s Dainty Diamond. We carry a variety of gold, silver, and gold vermeil jewelry that will seamlessly fit right into your collection.

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