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Gold Hoops Everyone Needs in Their Collection

Gold Hoops Everyone Needs in Their Collection

Gold hoops are trending. Whether it’s small bold hoops to wear every day, larger gold hoops for going out, or mini bold hoops as a huggie in your second or third hole piercings. Either way, gold hoops are on the rise and everyone is dying to know where to get the best pair, how to style them, and which pair is right for them. 

Dainty Diamond carries a variety of solid gold hoops that are perfect for all occasions. There’s a reason we tell you that our jewelry always fits. Want to know which pair of hoops is right for you? Keep reading.

gold bold hoops

What’s the occasion? 

While we like to think gold hoops are for every day, there are many different sizes, styles and widths that you may want to change between depending on the occasion and where you’re going. 

For the classic everyday look, our top pick is the small bold hoops or medium bold hoops. These bold hoops make a statement, but still are subtle enough for everyday wear. At the same time, they really do spice up any ordinary outfit.

Going out with friends? We have you covered. In this case, the larger the hoop, the better. Our customers often opt for the XL Bold hoops or the Xl Dainty Hoops

A fancy event? No problem. Our CZ Mini Bold Hoops are classy, elegant, sparkly, and bold. The perfect combination for any fancy event. Looking for something a little more casual? We recommend our oval bold hoops, they’re like our classic bold hoops with a little bit of flare.

Which piercing hole is it for?

The placement of your earring can determine which gold hoop is right for you. When looking for a second or third hole earring the hoop you choose will be very different from the one you wear in your first hole. 

Our customers love the mini bold hoops, the mini dainty huggies and small dainty hoops for a staircase look. Best of all, you can wear these hoops in the first hole too for a casual, sophisticated look.

gold hoops

The shape of your face

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and so should your earrings. The shape of your face can help us determine the best earring fit for you. If you’re someone with a longer, more oval shape face we recommend our oval bold hoops. But if you’re someone with a rounder face, we recommend our classic bold hoops. 

Bold gold hoops for every day

While these are just recommendations, at the end of the day jewelry is a reflection of you and who you are. If you want to wear mini bold hoops every day or xl bold hoops every day, then we say go for it. Dainty Diamond jewelry truly does always fit, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Shop gold bold hoops today.

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