Expanding Your Charm Collection

How It Works: Adding Charms Later

We understand not everyone wants to start with a 5-7 charm necklace or bracelet right away. You may want to start with 1-3 charms, and maybe will want to expand your collection in the future. That's why we've made it effortless for you to add more charms later on, ensuring your jewelry grows with you. Here's how you can seamlessly do it:

  1. Future Charm Orders: Whenever you're ready to add more charms to your collection, simply place an order for two or more charms from our website. 

  2. Free Shipping Label (Canada & US Only): For orders of two or more charms, placed at a later date, we offer a complimentary pre-paid shipping label for customers in Canada or the US. This label allows you to send your necklace back to us securely. Please don't forget to write in the notes section that you want to add these to an existing piece.

  3. Charm Addition Process: Upon receiving your necklace or bracelet, our skilled craftsmen will carefully add the new charms to your existing piece. If you wish to reorder any existing charms, you can include them in the package as well.

  4. Effortless Expansion: Once the charms are added, your necklace will be returned to you, ready to continue its journey with your added personal touch.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To qualify for the free shipping label, a minimum of two additional charms must be purchased.
  • This service is available for customers located in Canada and the US only.
  • All added charms and the necklace or bracelet itself will be thoroughly inspected and handled with care by our team.


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