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Keep Wearing Your Jewelry in Toronto Despite Lockdown

Keep Wearing Your Jewelry in Toronto Despite Lockdown

Here we go again. Back in March 2020, our worlds were shaken when we were forced to stay in our homes and isolate ourselves from one another because of Covid-19. While some rules have changed over the last two years that seemed to be in the right direction, the rules have shifted once again.

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In tough times, we are always seeking ways to feel our best on a daily. I started Dainty Diamond as a way to help people look and feel their best every day, despite living in their sweatpants.

I found comfort in knowing that my pair of gold hoops and everyday stacking necklaces made my sweatsuit or workout leggings look put together, in turn making me feel good.

Besides feeling good, there are a few other reasons why you should continue wearing your jewelry despite not leaving the house:

1. Maintaining your style

Once upon a time, we went to events, out for dinners and into the office frequently where we were able to showcase who we were through our clothing and style each day. Jewelry, shoes and clothing are how we express ourselves to the world and ourselves. But just because we’re staying from home, who says we shouldn’t maintain our style, try something new and get dressed for US.

2. Feeling put together

Okay, so it’s not every day we feel like dressing up and that’s okay too! But a good pair of bold hoops, classy bracelets and your favourite ring can turn that sweatsuit into a trendy outfit real quick, we promise.

3. Self-love

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I think I look good, I feel good. And nothing makes me feel better than putting on my gold hoops every day, no matter what I’m wearing.

4. Clothing trends change, everyday jewelry doesn’t

Instead of spending your money on clothing pieces that may go out of style in the next following months, why not invest in gold jewelry that will last you a lifetime. A basic pair of earrings or necklace won’t go out of style and you’ll wear it for years to come.

5. Gold Shines Better on Zoom

Back to online zoom calls! While you may not be able to show your entire outfit, we say party on the top, PJ’s on the bottom. Gold jewelry definitely shines better on zoom.

While it may be discouraging that we’re back in lockdown, there are always options to find ways to feel better each day. No matter what you’re wearing, how you’re feeling or where you’re going, our jewelry always fits.

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