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Dainty Diaries — Female Founded


Female Founded: Jenna Labiak

May 17, 2021
Two years ago, Jenna had been searching for the perfect silk hair care products that were both trendy and good for your hair. Everything she was seeing was either extremely elegant or neutral and w...
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Female Founded: Emily Oliveira

April 11, 2021
Small business owner by day, influencer by night, but that wasn’t always the case. Although Emily always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur, she wasn’t sure what she would sell.
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Female Founded: Elysha Varenbut

March 24, 2021
“PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT” - Ross Geller from the Television series Friends, or a rendition of Elysha Varentbut’s journey. While 26-year-old Elysha Varenbut has found her passion running a successful de...
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Female Founded: Raquel Benitah

February 23, 2021
22-Year-Old Raquel Benitah isn’t your typical Instagram influencer. What started as a platform to share tips about health, fitness and trying out different workout studios across Toronto has recent...
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