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Female Founded: Raquel Benitah

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22-Year-Old Raquel Benitah isn’t your typical Instagram influencer. What started as a platform to share tips about health, fitness and trying out different workout studios across Toronto has recently transformed into something much more than that. 

Posting on Instagram was always something Raquel had an interest in, but she constantly struggled with trying to fit the mold of your “typical” fitness influencer. “There are so many [health and fitness] influencers in the space that are skinny with abs and are the pinnacle of what’s considered ‘health and fitness,’” she said. “Whether it’s a natural body or not, it’s not a realistic body type for everyone.” 

Raquel considered making the switch to a body positivity page on several occasions. But she was always unsure of what she would say or what her content would be about. It was one afternoon in New York that changed everything for her. 

After attending a workout class, Raquel took over 100 pictures to get the perfect angle to post on her Instagram page. What shocked her most was not about not finding the right picture to post, but more so that she knew she would never be that perfect person on Instagram. 

She was at lunch with her brother and his girlfriend when they convinced her that she should post those pictures because that’s what she looks like and who she really is. “That was a turning point in my mentality for me personally and for my Instagram page,” Raquel said. That was when she officially decided she was going to make the switch to a body positivity page. 

“I felt like I finally found my purpose on Instagram,” said Raquel. 

Fast forward to almost a year later - Raquel graduated from Laurier Kinesiology, is now studying at The IHN in Toronto to become a Holistic Nutritionist, and has reached the 10k milestone on Instagram! Her body positivity journey is inspiring to many. 

Raquel’s favourite part of running her page is being able to connect with and chat with her community. “I feel like I’m best friends with so many of these amazing other content creators and followers,” she said. “It’s so nice to know that there are so many people around the world who are just like me and I’m positively affecting.” 

Body positivity is a whole new world of confidence and amazingness for Raquel that it has even translated into how she wants to practice holistic nutrition in the future. “I want to cater to young girls who are struggling the same way I was and help them find their confidence,” she said. 

You can find Raquel using her Instagram and TikTok platforms as a way to share her humour, positivity and contagious passion for life! While Raquel’s friends and family describe her as super fun, funky and funny, she also has a soft and emotional side that doesn’t always show on social media. 

Raquel’s positive energy radiates in everything she does. She chooses to embrace who she is, love herself and be confident. But what’s more, is that she wants to empower others to do and feel the same for themselves. “I often catch myself worrying about the numbers and the people,” she said. “But then I remember they are following you because they love you. So if you stay true to who you are and continue on your path, it will all work out.” 

At the end of it all, Raquel encourages everyone “to do what you want to do because passion is so much more important than money,” she said. “Once you find that passion, you’ll be so happy and so in love with the work that the money will come, and you’ll just want to keep working at it.” 

Name: Raquel Benitah

Age: 22

IG Handle: @raquelbenitah

Current Job: IHN Student, Sales Associate at Coco Market, Runs ‘Raquel Benitah’ IG Page

5 Year Manifestation: Running her own multidisciplinary holistic nutrition clinic in Toronto

Female Role Model: Her mom & Amanda Kloots because of her constant positivity

Piece of advice: “Enjoy life and not take everything too seriously”

Favourite Jewelry Item: A pair of bold hoops

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