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Female Founded: Liv Mcilkenny

As a female-founded business, we are constantly inspired and empowered by other Canadian women and their accomplishments. Whether they’ve started their own business or are their brand, we are on a mission to give a voice and help share the stories of Canadian female founders. Every profile is based on actual interviews, and here are their stories. Want to be featured as a female founder? Contact us for more information.

What started as a passion for staying active, to an obsession with Soul Cycle, to a love of people moving together as a group is what inspired and lead Liv to what Liv Sweaty is today.

Liv grew up moving, whether it was dance or sports she was always involved in anything athletic, but she was never someone that enjoyed a classic gym workout. So when Soul Cycle finally opened in Canada, she realized it was her calling. 

“I just kind of fell in love with it,” she said. “A way to workout and move with a group and have fun without actually realizing you’re working out.” “There’s no judgement,” said Liv. “Everyone’s there for the same reasons. Looking to better themselves in one way or another.”

When Liv was working at Soul Cycle, she realized the power of community and the power of the energy in a room when working out together.

“The feeling I get after any class, when it’s a good day or a bad day I channel that energy into an amazing workout,” said Liv. “I knew I wanted to be that leader that guided people in the same way and was able to change their day around.”

No matter where she is, or what she’s doing, Liv is always the loudest and most energetic in the room. It’s no surprise how Liv was able to build her fitness community from there. 

While it looks like it happened overnight, it was all thanks to hard work and commitment. Liv would stay after class, talk to people and really hone in on building those relationships. “I knew if I invest in them, they’ll invest in me,” she said. 

Once the pandemic hit, she had to pivot as things quickly changed for the fitness industry. So, she started 7-minute arms on her Instagram live every day for two weeks. That 7-minute arms slowly turned into full zoom classes, summer park workouts and became a whole business in itself. 

“I would get messages from people saying that doing these workouts during the pandemic would change their day,” said Liv. “It was such a cool feeling being a part of people’s positivity outside of the room.”

From there, Liv started building her brand. With lots of consistency and dedication, she’s seen tremendous growth and was even recognized by Aritiza as a female entrepreneur and was invited to lead a workout for them. 

“You’re only as strong as the people you surround yourself with,” said Liv. “Not only with my friends and family but the community of people I’ve created.”

While Liv’s dream to once be a broadcast journalist has changed, she feels as though her social media has become her own platform to broadcast her own news and opinions on things and she can’t wait to continue growing her fitness journey. 

“While the fitness industry is always changing and growing, there’s one thing that stays the same,” Liv said. “No matter what age you are you can always move your body.”

Liv Mcilkenny

Name: Liv Mcilkenny

Age: 29

IG Handle: @livmcilkenny

Current Job: Fitness instructor/enthusiast/Instagram influencer

5 Year Manifestation: Growing in the fitness world. “Would love to open my own studio eventually and continue to help people feel good about themselves is always the plan.”

Female Role Model: “My grandmother. She is all the things I think of when I think of a strong woman. She left home when she was 13 and started working and created her own business, she figured it out and is an entrepreneur. It was so amazing to have grown up seeing that female energy.”

An empowering woman is…  “Somebody who is strong on her own and uses her strength to lift bring other people up.”

Piece of Advice: “Just go for it! That’s the biggest thing. We psych ourselves out and doubt our capabilities but truly you won’t ever know if you don’t try and if you don’t, you’ll never know. Dive in even if it’s scary because the rewards are worth it when you’re pursuing something you really want to do.”

Favourite Jewelry Item: Gold rings

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