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Female Founded: Jenna Labiak

As a female-founded business, we are constantly inspired and empowered by other Canadian women and their accomplishments. Whether they’ve started their own business or are their brand, we are on a mission to give a voice and help share the stories of Canadian female founders. Every profile is based on actual interviews, and here are their stories. Want to be featured as a female founder? Contact us for more information.

Two years ago, Jenna had been searching for the perfect silk hair care products that were both trendy and good for your hair. Everything she was seeing was either extremely elegant or neutral and was targeted at an older audience. So, she decided to make them herself.

“I’ve always been a crafty person, so, if there’s something I want, I’ll try and make it,” said Jenna. “How fun would it be if I could make these [hair products] and give them to my friends.” 

Funny enough, Jenna had no prior sewing experience before creating these scrunchies. So she taught herself to sew, would try different elastics, and ask her friends what they thought.

“It was all a very organic process,” Jenna said. Shortly after, she created an Instagram account to showcase her silk scrunchies and that’s when The Silk Labs was born. The name comes from her last name Labiak. 

With a background in professional communications and marketing, it’s no surprise that Jenna was able to build a following and loyal customer base on both Instagram and Tiktok. While the brand is solely Jenna, she is slowly starting to build a team that helps her with the sewing and shipping and fulfillment.

“I love seeing and interacting with customers and seeing their satisfaction with the products and how it's changed their haircare routines for the better,” said Jenna. “It’s an option that’s both fashionable and healthy for your hair.”

Jenna didn’t always picture herself as an entrepreneur, but “when you know and it works and it sticks you just go from there,” she said.

One of Jenna’s mantras is being consistent. There are good days and bad days, but she continues to show up every day, stay motivated, and work hard. “At the end of the day, that’s what’s going to bring my business to where I want it to be,” she said. 

Jenna takes pride in the community of women that has been built in the space. “A big part of the growth for my brand is the connections I have,” she said. “It’s all about networking and connecting with people and the more the better.”

When Jenna’s not promoting her hair care products, she’s always looking for ways to work with different charities. Right now The Silk Labs donates one tree per $100 spent and it’s one of Jenna’s proudest accomplishments with her brand to date. 

Being an entrepreneur comes with its challenges, but Jenna loves the challenge of it. “I know that if this is something I don’t do forever, I know something else good will come out of it just because I’m learning so many different skills in so many different categories,” she said. 

jenna labiak

Name: Jenna Labiak

Age: 23

IG Handle: @jenna.labs

Current Job: Founder @thesilklabs

5 Year Manifestation: “I want to continue growing each month with my direct-to-consumer sales and extending my hairline. A one-stop-shop for silk and hair goods.”

Female Role Model: Jen Atkins

An empowering woman is… Someone who is confident, speaks highly of themselves, knows their goals and path.  They talk highly of themselves because with women that doesn’t always happen.  When women want to connect, unfortunately they often try to relate by speaking negatively about themselves and often their bodies.  Let’s connect with empowerment.  

Piece of Advice: “You have to put yourself and your business first. You can’t let outside thoughts distract you. Your family and friends will tell you what direction they think you should go in, you have to be selfish and follow your gut.  Put yourself and your work first, because that's what will bring you to where you want to be.”

Favourite Jewelry Item: Chunky Bold Gold Hoops
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