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Female Founded: Emily Oliveira

As a female-founded business, we are constantly inspired and empowered by other Canadian women and their accomplishments. Whether they’ve started their own business or are their brand, we are on a mission to give a voice and help share the stories of Canadian female founders. Every profile is based on actual interviews, and here are their stories. Want to be featured as a female founder? Simply email us at hello@daintydiamond.co. 

Small business owner by day, influencer by night, but that wasn’t always the case. Although Emily always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur, she wasn’t sure what she would sell.

“I knew the idea would come to me when it was right to present itself,” she said. “I’m very spiritual in that sense.” 

Around two years ago, Emily was working full-time at the Hudson’s Bay when she was hit with adult acne. Despite having perfect skin her whole life, “I started looking into my beauty products, and my skincare ingredients, and I wanted to know exactly what I was putting on my face, eating and digesting,” she explained. 

“That’s when I decided I wanted to do something with skincare products.”

What started as a passion project to help herself look and feel better turned into what Nu Beauty is today. Nu Beauty is more than just a skincare brand. It’s an entire experience to help you look good and feel good. 

“I love that I created a platform where someone can come on and get a new healthy recipe, a new skincare routine, a manifestation, exercise or even quote to feel good about themselves,” said Emily. “We really push self-love and confidence. If your skin looks good, you feel good - so you’re glowing from the inside out.”

With Emily’s compassionate and outgoing personality, it’s no surprise that she could grow an engaged following and community on both her personal and business platforms. 

“It’s been a slow growth process,” she said. “But I’m so thankful because the engagement is so real, and I’ve created a little community, and my followers really trust what I post.”

Emily’s mantra focuses on continuously working on becoming a better version of yourself, and she empowers her followers to do so. “I’m so passionate about it [creating content/Nu Beauty], so what I put out comes naturally,” said Emily. “I’m a creator through and through.”

Despite COVID putting a pause on the world around us, it positively affected Nu Beauty. Not only did it put an emphasis on small, women-owned businesses, “but it forced people to think about what they’re doing, who they’re purchasing from, what they’re putting on their skin,” said Emily.

“I think that because all we could do during lockdown was take care of ourselves, skincare had its moment, and for that, I’m grateful.”

While men found many beauty brands, Emily feels she has an advantage as a woman. In a predominantly female-based industry, “it makes sense that females should be making these decisions,” she said. 

Emily’s most significant accomplishment to date is Nu Beauty’s newest product launching very soon, and you don’t want to miss out on this one.

emily oliveira

Name: Emily Oliveira

Age: 27

IG Handle: @_emoliveira 

Current Job: Founder @itsnubeauty, content creator

5 Year Manifestation: Expanded product line, Nu Beauty to have a presence in different retailers. 200k on her personal account. 

Female Role Model: Kim Kardashian

Piece of Advice: Influencer advice: “As an influencer, slow growth is better growth. Brands look at engagement regardless of how many followers you have, and having a very engaged audience on Instagram is better than having a big number. Do things that make you feel authentic to yourself, and you will grow naturally.”

Business advice: “If you’re ever in a partnership with someone, always make sure to have a contract. When things are good, things are good. But when they go bad, it’s bad, and you never know what can happen.”

Favourite Jewelry Item: Medium Gold Hoops

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