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4 Ways to Tell If Your Gold Jewelry Is The Real Deal

4 Ways to Tell If Your Gold Jewelry Is The Real Deal

To the naked eye, you probably won’t be able to see the difference between a fake and real dainty solid gold bracelet. That is unless you know what you’re looking for. With real gold, there are a few ways to tell if your dainty solid gold bracelet is real or fake. 

Please note these tests are sensitive, not specific. We advise not to try these tests on jewelry pieces that you know are fake, but instead, test them on pieces you know are real or are not sure about.

dainty solid gold bracelet

The Stamp Test

We like to use dainty diamond solid gold bracelets as an example because the stamp test is most visible on these items.

Manufacturers often like to stamp a marking somewhere on the jewelry to prove its gold components. You can find these stamps somewhere on the clasp or somewhere hidden on the piece. With solid gold bracelets, you can find the marketing on the clasp.

Here are the types of markings you’ll find on your jewelry.

In most cases, there will be a stamp to indicate the gold components. But there are occasions where the piece is real, but doesn't have a marking. If you're unsure whether a piece of jewelry is real or fake, give us a call and we can help!

The Water Test

Gold is a heavy and dense metal. Even if you have a dainty solid gold bracelet that appears light, it will always sink in water. Try it for yourself! 

The Tarnish Test

Real gold will never tarnish, discolour or oxidize. It’s water-proof, shower-proof, sweat-proof and, really, everything proof. If you jewelry pieces are changing colour, or tarnishing this can be a red flag that it's not real and not good for your skin. 

The Magnet Test

Have you ever walked by a magnet and your bracelet attaches to a magnet? This situation is a strong indication that your bracelet is not real gold.  While it may appear to look like gold, it usually means the piece of jewelry is a metal like steel, plated with gold materials. A dainty solid gold bracelet should never attract a magnet. 

Real Gold Jewelry With Dainty Diamond

Dainty Diamond is a Toronto-based fine jewelry brand that sells high-quality gold, silver, pearl and diamond jewelry. No matter where you're going, what you're doing or how you're feeling, our jewelry always fits. We understand the struggle of finding high-quality and affordable read gold jewelry. 


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